Halloween parade 2018

It's time for the parade again!!!

To get you into the Halloween spirit,  were going to take you the heart of the Greenwich Village to celebrate the 45th annual Halloween parade!!!

This parade is by far the largest, widely creative public event where everyone can participate. There is no sign up list, you don’t have to be on a float or with a band. You only need to have a costume and you’re free to march. And of course, it comes directly to you from the best city in the world!!!

The New York’s Halloween parade was established in 1973 by a Ralph Lee, a puppeteer from a local Greenwich Village theater. The parade was intended mostly for children and neighbors, but in 1975 it became a non profit organization which made it into a larger production. They introduced more adult elements thus making it a big sensation for the whole community. Also, this is the only night time parade in the big Apple. Today this is the largest Halloween parade in this planet. It draws over 60 thousand participants and just over 2 million spectators.

The Halloween parade brings people together in a peaceful, creative and joyful way. New York City is the capital of creativity and it’s up to the residents, and many visitors like myself, who march in the parade to bring it alive. The parade allows our imagination to run free to  showcase our fantasies and dreams in a one of a kind costume. Thousands of people of all ages create their own costumes and come out at night to celebrate such a endearing American tradition.

The parade is of international importance. For instance, only 7 weeks after the tragic  terrorist attacks of 9/11, Mayor Rudolph Giuliani insisted the parade take place. The organizers created a huge Phoenix raising out of the ashes to represent the enduring, relentless and unsurpassed spirit of New York proving the world our strength and desire to live in the face of adversity! Truly! There is absolutely nothing in the earth like the city of New York! A strong yet delicate place where millions gather to make their dreams come true. And this parade is a small glimpse of what New York City is made of. Character, 

determination, creativity and emotion. That’s the Big Apple for you!!!

On Halloween, creatures and spirits walk the streets of New York at just about 7 o’clock. Join us and see for yourself. Get ready for your jaw to drop!!!

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